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πŸ“™ Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism by β€” free download

Clifford J. Rosen
, M.D., Maine Medical Center Research Institute, Scarborough, Maine

Juliet E. Compston
, M.D., FRCP, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Jane B. Lian, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, Massachusetts

This comprehensive yet concise handbook is an indispensable reference for the many clinicians who see patients with disorders of bone formation, metabolic bone diseases, or disorders of stone formation. It is also a crucial tool for researchers, students, and all other professionals working in the bone field. In a format designed for quick reference, it provides complete information on the symptoms, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of all common and rare bone and mineral disorders. New in this edition: detailed coverage of osteonecrosis of the jaw, more in-depth coverage of cancer and bone including new approaches to pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment; new approaches to anabolic therapy of osteoporosis; the latest research on Vitamin D; expanded coverage of international topics; more on the genetics of bone mass; and newer imaging techniques for the skeleton. In addition, this edition features a free, online-only appendix of medicines used to treat bone disorders and their availability around the world.Content:
Chapter 1 Chapter 1. Skeletal Morphogenesis and Embryonic Development (pages 1–10): Yingzi Yang
Chapter 2 Chapter 2. Signal Transduction Cascades Controlling Osteoblast Differentiation (pages 10–16): Carola Krause, David J. J. de Gorter, Marcel Karperien and Peter ten Dijke
Chapter 3 Chapter 3. Osteoclast Biology and Bone Resorption (pages 16–22): F. Patrick Ross
Chapter 4 Chapter 4. Osteocytes (pages 22–27): Lynda F. Bonewald
Chapter 5 Chapter 5. Connective Tissue Pathways That Regulate Growth Factors (pages 27–32): Gerhard Sengle, Noe L. Charbonneau, Robert N. Ono and Lynn Y. Sakai
Chapter 6 Chapter 6. The Composition of Bone (pages 32–38): Pamela Gehron Robey and Adele L. Boskey
Chapter 7 Chapter 7. Assessment of Bone Mass and Microarchitecture in Rodents (pages 38–45): Blaine A. Christiansen and Mary L. Bouxsein
Chapter 8 Chapter 8. Animal Models: Genetic Manipulation (pages 45–51): Karen Lyons
Chapter 9 Chapter 9. Animal Models: Allelic Determinants for BMD (pages 51–56): Wesley G. Beamer and Clifford J. Rosen
Chapter 10 Chapter 10. Neuronal Regulation of Bone Remodeling (pages 56–60): Gerard Karsenty and Florent Elefteriou
Chapter 11 Chapter 11. Skeletal Healing (pages 61–65): Michael J. Zuscik and Regis J. O'Keefe
Chapter 12 Chapter 12. Biomechanics of Fracture Healing (pages 65–69): Elise F. Morgan and Thomas A. Einhorn
Chapter 13 Chapter 13. Fetal and Neonatal Bone Development (pages 71–74): Frank Rauch
Chapter 14 Chapter 14. Skeletal Development in Childhood and Adolescence (pages 74–79): Laura K. Bachrach
Chapter 15 Chapter 15. Ethnic Differences in Bone Acquisition (pages 80–82): Shane A. Norris and Dorothy A. Nelson
Chapter 16 Chapter 16. Calcium and Other Nutrients During Growth (pages 82–86): Tania Winzenberg and Graeme Jones
Chapter 17 Chapter 17. Growing a Healthy Skeleton: The Importance of Mechanical Loading (pages 86–90): Gaele Ducher, Shona Bass and Magnus K. Karlsson
Chapter 18 Chapter 18. Pregnancy and Lactation (pages 90–95): Christopher S. Kovacs and Henry M. Kronenberg
Chapter 19 Chapter 19. Menopause (pages 95–97): Ian R. Reid
Chapter 20 Chapter 20. Age?Related Bone Loss (pages 98–102): Douglas P. Kiel, Clifford J. Rosen and David Dempster
Chapter 21 Chapter 21. Regulation of Calcium and Magnesium (pages 103–108): Murray J. Favus and David Goltzman
Chapter 22 Chapter 22. Fetal Calcium Metabolism (pages 108–112): Christopher S. Kovacs
Chapter 23 Chapter 23. Fibroblast Growth Factor?23 (pages 112–116): Kenneth E. White and Michael J. Econs
Chapter 24 Chapter 24. Gonadal Steroids (pages 117–123): Katrien Venken, Steven Boonen, Roger Bouillon and Dirk Vanderschueren
Chapter 25 Chapter 25. Parathyroid Hormone (pages 123–127): Robert A. Nissenson and Harald Juppner
Chapter 26 Chapter 26. Parathyroid Hormone–Related Protein (pages 127–133): John J. Wysolmerski
Chapter 27 Chapter 27. Ca2Β±Sensing Receptor (pages 134–141): Edward M. Brown
Chapter 28 Chapter 28. Vitamin D: Production, Metabolism, Mechanism of Action, and Clinical Requirements (pages 141–149): Daniel Bikle, John Adams and Sylvia Christakos
Chapter 29 Chapter 29. DXA in Adults and Children (pages 151–158): Judith Adams and Nick Bishop
Chapter 30 Chapter 30. Quantitative Computed Tomography in Children and Adults (pages 158–163): Claus C. Gluer
Chapter 31 Chapter 31. Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Bone (pages 163–166): Sharmila Majumdar
Chapter 32 Chapter 32. Radionuclide Scintigraphy in Metabolic Bone Disease (pages 166–169): Gopinath Gnanasegaran, Gary J. R. Cook and Ignac Fogelman
Chapter 33 Chapter 33. Assessment of Fracture Risk (pages 170–173): John A. Kanis
Chapter 34 Chapter 34. Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover in Osteoporosis (pages 174–179): Pawel Szulc and Pierre D. Delmas
Chapter 35 Chapter 35. Bone Biopsy and Histomorphometry in Clinical Practice (pages 180–186): Robert R. Recker
Chapter 36 Chapter 36. Vertebral Fracture Assessment (pages 186–193): Jackie A. Clowes and Richard Eastell
Chapter 37 Chapter 37. Molecular Diagnosis of Bone and Mineral Disorders (pages 193–196): Robert F. Gagel and Gilbert J. Cote
Chapter 38 Chapter 38. Epidemiology of Osteoporotic Fractures (pages 197–203): Nicholas Harvey, Elaine Dennison and Cyrus Cooper
Chapter 39 Chapter 39. Overview of Pathogenesis (pages 203–206): Lawrence G. Raisz
Chapter 40 Chapter 40. Nutrition and Osteoporosis (pages 206–208): Connie M. Weaver and Robert P. Heaney
Chapter 41 Chapter 41. Role of Sex Steroids in the Pathogenesis of Osteoporosis (pages 208–213): Matthew T. Drake and Sundeep Khosla
Chapter 42 Chapter 42. Genetics of Osteoporosis (pages 213–219): Jacqueline R. Center and John A. Eisman
Chapter 43 Chapter 43. Overview of Osteoporosis Treatment (pages 220–221): Michael Kleerekoper
Chapter 44 Chapter 44. Prevention of Falls (pages 222–225): Heike A. Bischoff?Ferrari
Chapter 45 Chapter 45. Orthopedic Surgical Principles of Fracture Management (pages 225–227): Manoj Ramachandran and David G. Little
Chapter 46 Chapter 46. Exercise and the Prevention of Osteoporosis (pages 227–231): Clinton Rubin, Janet Rubin and Stefan Judex
Chapter 47 Chapter 47. Calcium and Vitamin D (pages 231–233): Bess Dawson?Hughes
Chapter 48 Chapter 48. Estrogens and SERMs (pages 234–236): Robert Lindsay
Chapter 49 Chapter 49. Bisphosphonates for Postmenopausal Osteoporosis (pages 237–241): Socrates E. Papapoulos
Chapter 50 Chapter 50. Strontium Ranelate in the Prevention of Osteoporotic Fractures (pages 241–244): Rene Rizzoli
Chapter 51 Chapter 51. Parathyroid Hormone Treatment for Osteoporosis (pages 244–249): Felicia Cosman and Susan Greenspan
Chapter 52 Chapter 52. Calcitonin (pages 250–251): Silvano Adami
Chapter 53 Chapter 53. Combination Anabolic and Antiresorptive Therapy for Osteoporosis (pages 252–254): John P. Bilezikian
Chapter 54 Chapter 54. Compliance and Persistence With Osteoporosis Medications (pages 254–256): Deborah T. Gold
Chapter 55 Chapter 55. Cost?Effectiveness of Osteoporosis Treatment (pages 256–260): Anna N. A. Tosteson
Chapter 56 Chapter 56. Future Therapies for Osteoporosis (pages 260–264): Kong Wah Ng and T. John Martin
Chapter 57 Chapter 57. Juvenile Osteoporosis (pages 264–267): Frank Rauch and Nick Bishop
Chapter 58 Chapter 58. Glucocorticoid?Induced Osteoporosis (pages 267–272): Robert S. Weinstein
Chapter 59 Chapter 59. Inflammation?Induced Bone Loss in the Rheumatic Diseases (pages 272–276): Steven R. Goldring
Chapter 60 Chapter 60. Osteoporosis: Other Secondary Causes (pages 276–279): Neveen A. T. Hamdy
Chapter 61 Chapter 61. Transplantation Osteoporosis (pages 279–285): Peter R. Ebeling
Chapter 62 Chapter 62. Osteoporosis in Men (pages 286–289): Eric S. Orwoll
Chapter 63 Chapter 63. Premenopausal Osteoporosis (pages 289–293): Adi Cohen and Elizabeth Shane
Chapter 64 Chapter 64. Skeletal Effects of Drugs (pages 293–297): Juliet Compston
Chapter 65 Chapter 65. Abnormalities in Bone and Calcium Metabolism After Burns (pages 297–299): Gordon L. Klein
Chapter 66 Chapter 66. Primary Hyperparathyroidism (pages 301–306): Shonni J. Silverberg and John P. Bilezikian
Chapter 67 Chapter 67. Non?Parathyroid Hypercalcemia (pages 307–312): Mara J. Horwitz, Steven P. Hodak and Andrew F. Stewart
Chapter 68 Chapter 68. Hypocalcemia: Definition, Etiology, Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Management (pages 313–317): Dolores Shoback
Chapter 69 Chapter 69. Disorders of Phosphate Homeostasis (pages 317–325): Mary D. Ruppe and Suzanne M. Jan de Beur
Chapter 70 Chapter 70. Magnesium Depletion and Hypermagnesemia (pages 325–328): Robert K. Rude
Chapter 71 Chapter 71. Vitamin D–Related Disorders (pages 329–335): Paul Lips, Natasja M. van Schoor and Nathalie Bravenboer
Chapter 72 Chapter 72. Paget's Disease of Bone (pages 335–343): Ethel S. Siris and G. David Roodman
Chapter 73 Chapter 73. Chronic Kidney Disease Mineral Bone Disorder (CKD?MBD) (pages 343–349): Keith A. Hruska and Suresh Mathew
Chapter 74 Chapter 74. Disorders of Mineral Metabolism in Childhood (pages 349–353): Thomas O. Carpenter
Chapter 75 Chapter 75. Hypoparathyroidism and Pseudohypoparathyroidism (pages 354–361): Mishaela R. Rubin and Michael A. Levine
Chapter 76 Chapter 76. Familial Hyperparathyroidism (Including MEN, FHH, and HPT?JT) (pages 361–366): Andrew Arnold and Stephen J. Marx
Chapter 77 Chapter 77. Overview of Mechanisms in Cancer Metastases to Bone (pages 367–370): Gregory A. Clines and Theresa A. Guise
Chapter 78 Chapter 78. Clinical Imaging and Animal Modeling in Osseous Metastatic Disease (pages 370–374): Andrew T. Shields, Inna Serganova, Ronald Blasberg and David A. Mankoff
Chapter 79 Chapter 79. Metastatic Solid Tumors to Bone (pages 374–378): Gregory R. Mundy and Julie A. Sterling
Chapter 80 Chapter 80. Hematologic Malignancies and Bone (pages 379–382): Wassim M. McHayleh, Jessica Ellerman and G. David Roodman
Chapter 81 Chapter 81. Osteogenic Osteosarcoma (pages 382–385): Janet M. Hock and Ching C. Lau
Chapter 82 Chapter 82. Skeletal Complications of Breast and Prostate Cancer Therapies (pages 386–389): Ozge Uluckan, Elizabeth A. Morgan, Angela C. Hirbe and Katherine Weilbaecher
Chapter 83 Chapter 83. Bone Cancer and Pain (pages 390–393): Mary Ann C. Sabino and Denis R. Clohisy
Chapter 84 Chapter 84. Skeletal Complications of Childhood Cancer (pages 394–397): Ingrid A. Holm
Chapter 85 Chapter 85. Treatment and Prevention of Bone Metastases and Myeloma Bone Disease (pages 397–404): Jean?Jacques Body
Chapter 86 Chapter 86. Radiotherapy of Skeletal Metastases (pages 404–407): Oyvind S. Bruland, Amanda Hird and Edward Chow
Chapter 87 Chapter 87. Orthopedic Treatment of Metastatic Bone Disease (pages 407–410): Kristy Weber and Scott Kominsky
Chapter 88 Chapter 88. Sclerosing Bone Disorders (pages 411–423): Michael P. Whyte
Chapter 89 Chapter 89. Fibrous Dysplasia (pages 423–427): Michael T. Collins, Mara Riminucci and Paolo Bianco
Chapter 90 Chapter 90. Chondrodysplasias (pages 428–429): Yasemin Alanay and David L. Rimoin
Chapter 91 Chapter 91. Ischemic and Infiltrative Disorders (pages 430–433): Richard W. Keen
Chapter 92 Chapter 92. Tumoral Calcinosisβ€”Dermatomyositis (pages 433–435): Nicholas Shaw
Chapter 93 Chapter 93. Vascular Calcification (pages 436–442): Dwight A. Towler and Linda L. Demer
Chapter 94 Chapter 94. Fibrodysplasia (Myositis) Ossificans Progressiva (pages 442–446): Frederick S. Kaplan and Eileen M. Shore
Chapter 95 Chapter 95. Osteogenesis Imperfecta (pages 446–450): Joan C. Marini
Chapter 96 Chapter 96. Marfan Syndrome and Related Disorders of the Connective Tissue (pages 450–454): Emilio Arteaga?Solis and Francesco Ramirez
Chapter 97 Chapter 97. Enzyme Defects and the Skeleton (pages 454–458): Michael P. Whyte
Chapter 98 Chapter 98. Calcium Nephrolithiasis (pages 459–464): David A. Bushinsky and Peter A. Friedman
Chapter 99 Chapter 99. Diagnosis and Evaluation of Nephrolithiasis (pages 465–470): Stephen J. Knohl and Steven J. Scheinman
Chapter 100 Chapter 100. Treatment of Renal Stones (pages 470–473): John R. Asplin
Chapter 101 Chapter 101. Genetic Basis of Renal Stones (pages 474–478): Rajesh V. Thakker
Chapter 102 Chapter 102. Kidney Stones in the Pediatric Patient (pages 478–483): Amy E. Bobrowski and Craig B. Langman
Chapter 103 Chapter 103. Craniofacial Growth and Development (pages 485–491): Andrew Ravanelli and John Klingensmith
Chapter 104 Chapter 104. Development and Structure of Teeth and Periodontal Tissues (pages 491–496): Alan Boyde and Sheila J. Jones
Chapter 105 Chapter 105. Craniofacial Disorders Affecting the Dentition: Genetic (pages 496–500): Yong?Hee Chun, Paul H. Krebsbach and James P. Simmer
Chapter 106 Chapter 106. Pathology of the Hard Tissues of the Jaws (pages 501–505): Paul C. Edwards
Chapter 107 Chapter 107. Bisphosphonate?Associated Osteonecrosis of the Jaws (pages 505–509): Nathaniel S. Treister and Sook?Bin Woo
Chapter 108 Chapter 108. Periodontal Diseases and Oral Bone Loss (pages 510–513): Keith L. Kirkwood
Chapter 109 Chapter 109. Oral Manifestations of Metabolic Bone Disorders (pages 513–517): Flavia Pirih, Laurie K. McCauley and Jean Wactawski?Wende

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  • Year: 2008
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