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📙 Ham Radio For Dummies by H. Ward Silver — pdf free

An ideal first step for learning about ham radio

Beyond operating wirelessly, today's ham radio operators can transmit data and pictures; use the Internet, laser, and microwave transmitters; and travel to places high and low to make contact. This hands-on beginner guide reflects the operational and technical changes to amateur radio over the past decade and provides you with updated licensing requirements and information, changes in digital communication (such as the Internet, social media, and GPS), and how to use e-mail via radio.

  • Addresses the critical use of ham radio for replacing downed traditional communications during emergencies or natural disasters
  • Provides updates to all documentation of the American Radio Relay League
  • Explains recent changes to picking your own call sign
  • Places a special emphasis on the major reasons people get into amateur radio: emergency communication, digital communication, and do-it-yourself science
  • Looks at online mapping and charting of websites

Whether you're just getting turned on to ham radio or already have your license, Ham Radio for Dummies, 2nd Edition helps you with the terminology, the technology, and the talknology.

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